• Put a cup of salt in the refrigerator to decrease the humidity and to make it cool better.
• Defrost the frozen meat quickly by putting it into a cup filled with cold water and salt.
• A handful of salt and some vinegar make it easy to clean the dirt at the bottom of the jug.
• Before you deep fry something, put some salt in the frying pan to avoid the oil splashing around while frying.
• The stains like; oil, food, fruit juice or wine can be removed easily when you cover them up with salt as soon as they are spilled on the fabric.
• To deodorize the odor of onion, garlic or fish in your hands, rub your hands with some salt and then wash with soap.
• To keep the potatoes you peeled fresh, you can put them in a bowl of cold water and add some salt.
• To clean better and remove the stench you can rub your sink with rock salt.
• Rugs or carpets may become dull in time; you can rub them with a cloth damped with very salty water to make their colors shine again.

  • Ipsum
    Oven Salt
    Textile Industry, Food Industry, edible salt, brine, pickles, cheese and bread in the making.
  • Ipsum
    Raw Salt
    Also it used in the chemical industry as regenerator in the water softening system.
  • Ipsum
    Crystal Salt
    In textile dyeing, the dye when used to increase the affinity of dyes to fabrics.
  • Ipsum
    Thin Crystal Salt
    Detergent Industry, Cement Chemical, Textile dye, the dye while dyes are used to increase the affinity to the fabric.
  • Ipsum
    İri Kristal Tuz
    Tekstil boyahanelerinde, boya yaparken boyanın kumaşa karşı affinitesini arttırmak için kullanılır. Kimya sanayinde kullanılır.
  • Ipsum
    Pudra Tuz
    Kuruyemiş imalatçıları, Seramik sanayinde, Ekmek fırınlarında, Biber imalatında kullanılır.
  • Ipsum
    Tablet Tuz
    Also it used in the chemical industry as regenerator in the water softening system.
  • Ipsum
    Kaya Tuzu
    Karla Mücadelede, Yem Fabrikaları ve İlaç Sanayiide Kullanılır.